4′ Fence Panels


The Portable Security Fence Panel is used for fast application and temporary fencing projects. It is easily installed by only two men and there are no special tools required for setup. The PSP Portable Fence Panel was designed to be setup on the ground or in a parking lot without putting unsightly holes in your expensive concrete or pavement. The fence will never be a lost asset as it is portable and reusable.

Each panel includes a 90 lb. concrete base pad (containing installation holes), with 4 foot high chain link fence, and section clamps. The panels clamp together to easily form a fence system for any application. Right angles, or any configuration, can easily be made on both level and uneven terrain. Each section is 10 feet long for easy installation and quick set up and take down.

With the Portable Security Fence Panel, no gates are necessary—simply undo the 2 clamps and you have an instant 20 foot gate at no added cost. This product can be used for ground control, air shows, gate channeling, urban terrorism, building security, temporary restricted areas, POW holding area, POL dump, VIP parking, plant access and many other uses. Different signage for different needs can be easily applied.

The savings in manpower with this product is tremendous. This fence is so versatile that you will never need to purchase another brand!

Other sizes are available upon request.



Part No.SizeWeightConcrete Foot PadGSA No.
95554' x 10'60 lbs.90 lbs.GS-07F-0273F
95564' x 4'GS-07F-0273F