34″ Tall x 8′ Long Barricade

34X8 BRCD-14


This unit is a fast deployment security response and anti-terrorism product for government buildings and installations, airports, security for all military units, various guard units, border patrols, embassies, police and fire departments, serpentine approaches, crowd control, security lanes, and vehicle control.

Unlimited applications include; traffic control and channeling, building security, gate approach, bridges, road, work zones, construction areas, lane delineation, national and state parks, parking lots, and many others. Easily positioned, without engineering support, the barricade provides very good protection in any application. The unit can be filled with water or sand for ballast as determined by the threat level, then emptied and recovered for deployment and repositioning.

The barricade is made of rotationally molded plastic and is maintenance free.

More Information

Part No.ColorWeight EmptyWeight Filled
348CCConcrete160 lbs.1700 lbs.
348SOSafety Orange160 lbs.1700 lbs.
348SYSafety Yellow160 lbs.1700 lbs.
348ODOlive Drab150 lbs.1700 lbs.
348DTDesert Tan160 lbs.1700 lbs.
348RDRed160 lbs.1700 lbs.
348BLBlue160 lbs.1700 lbs.
348WTWhite160 lbs.1700 lbs.
348WCWhite Concrete160 lbs.1700 lbs.

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