20′ ISO Temporary Containment Facility

Temporary Containment Facility


The Temporary Containment Facility (TCF) has been made specifically for shipboard security. Safely protect your crew and/or passengers; Designed and built with military police input.

Provides the tools necessary to secure ship from:

  • Stowaways
  • Unruly passengers
  • Troublesome crew
  • Pirates
Until they can be turned over to the proper authorities.
  • Can be either portable or permanent
  • All Steel 20′ ISO container
  • Cots and Hypo Mattress designed for 4 prisoners
  • Has heat and is air conditioning unit
  • White marine paint
  • Ready room complete with shields, batons, cuffs, helmets, and uniforms
  • Comfort Station
  • 2 separate cells
  • Slide Doors


Shown below is layout of cells.



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